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Our Process

Most retirement plans start and stop with money, and while we believe your money should work for you and do all the things you want it to, we believe wealth is created so that you can make an impact that will be remembered - that’s where we come in. 

At Taatjes Financial we believe your retirement should be the years of your greatest impact and purpose. Through our proven process, we give you a financial plan that will deliver the highest R.O.L. or “Return on Life”, so you can live according to your values. We believe that if you’re taken care of financially you go even further to make the family, community and kingdom impact you truly desire to make -- which is the ultimate purpose of wealth. 

The Uncover™ Session

The complimentary Uncover™ Session is a personalized exploratory meeting where we understand where you are today financially, where you want to be in retirement and how you want to impact your family, your community and the Kingdom. You will walk away with a completely new understanding of retirement and hope for your future.

The On-Board Session

Then, leveraging our 40 years of combined experience to deliver a highly personalized plan tailored to your specific needs. You will walk away with a clear vision and plan for your retirement and access to our Repurposed University that equipped retirees to make their retirement the years of their greatest impact.

The Establish Phase

The Establish Phase is where we really go to work for you to establish your plan, ensure the plan meets your goals and that you are fully equipped to make your retirement your years of greatest impact.  We meet with you regularly to discuss your financial performance as well as your personal retirement preparation.

The Repurposed Phase

Our Repurpose Phase is where our philosophy and process come together in a way that empowers and equips you to make the greatest impact of your lifetime. Our books, curriculum, and coaching will help you to live a retirement lifestyle of significance, impact, and no regrets.

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