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Your Retirement Income: Part-Time Work

Your Retirement Income: Part-Time Work

August 13, 2019

Just because you retire doesn't mean you can't work or shouldn't work. Part-time employment can benefit you in ways that stretch far beyond financial.

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Great for the early stages of retirement

More times than not, spending is highest during the initial season of retirement. Some people need to work in retirement to pay for basic necessities, while others earn a paycheck in order to improve their retirement lifestyle. Regardless, a job might make it possible to eat at nicer restaurants, take on more ambitious travel plans or spoil your grandchildren.

Defers usage of investments or Social Security

A paycheck may allow you to withdraw less from your investments every month, which gives your nest egg more time to grow and can help your savings last longer. Also, a part-time job could allow you to hold off on applying for Social Security letting the benefit increase. Remember, don't take your Social Security when you can get it, but rather when you need it.

Bridge a health insurance gap

Some part-time jobs come with health insurance, which can be particularly important for people who retire before age 65 and are too young to qualify for Medicare. If you can find a part-time job that provides health coverage, you might be able to retire at a younger age than you otherwise would. Just make sure you take care to enroll in Medicare when you turn 65 or leave the job providing the health benefits.

Find purpose in retirement

Careers are a great source of purpose. Employment in retirement can be a wonderful extension of the skills and talents you've accumulated in your working years. Remember, you were created to serve and add value - and just because you retire or turn 65 years old, that doesn't go away.

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