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What Your Financial Advisor Should Be Doing During Volatility

What Your Financial Advisor Should Be Doing During Volatility

March 02, 2020

While we don't wish for market volatility, it gives financial firms like Taatjes Financial Group a way to showcase the value we add. Here are three things your financial advisor should be doing during turbulent market times.

{AUDIO} What Your Financial Advisor Should be Doing During Volatility

Encouraging you to not panic

Your advisor should understand making rash decisions during times of emotional stress often have negative consequences in the future and can potentially threaten long-term financial goals.

Discussing your fears and concerns

Your financial advisor should be helping you navigate the short-term emotional swings of personal finance. The more you discuss your angst, fears and concerns with your advisor, the more they can tailor their professional guidance to your specific situation.

Evaluating your money needs

Investors should always know their needs for money. If you need to use some of your investment assets in the short term for a major purchase or living expenses, it’s wise to reassess where those monies are located and in what they are invested.

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