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Wealth vs Income in a 2020 World

Wealth vs Income in a 2020 World

July 02, 2020

With all the craziness in our society now-a-days, it is more important than ever to reiterate this idea of wealth and income. Here are a few things to remember as you build your retirement plan when considering the climate of our world today.

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Don’t put wealth on a pedestal

While building wealth is an important part of your retirement plan, don’t put wealth on a higher pedestal in your life than it deserves. Too many times I’ve seen wealth become a point of stress, anxiety and contention with a retiree and their family. In turbulent times, it is human nature to lock-in, self-preserve and become more focused on our storehouses. Remember, wealth doesn’t equal happiness.

Never forget to tie life to your income

Wealth becomes important when it transitions into a tool and avenue for life. Remember, income is the useful side of money. It can be used to buy time and experiences with loved ones or it can be used to impact others.

Always have a long term goal for your wealth

Whether you’re just starting your retirement plan or have been retired for many years, maintain a long-term focus with your money. There always must be a goal. In times like these, it is more important than ever to remain steadfast to your retirement plan and outlook on investing.

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