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Social Security: When and How to Apply

Social Security: When and How to Apply

February 11, 2019

Applying for Social Security is a big deal and you only get one shot at it. So, you want to make sure you're making the best decision with regards to your retirement plan. In this radio segment, Jerrid Sebesta and I not only talk about how to apply for Social Security, but also how we can assist retirees apply while taking their retirement goals into consideration.

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When should I begin discussing my Social Security benefits with a professional?

The earlier, the better. Remember, your Social Security benefits are one piece of your total retirement income plan. We help our clients strategize and build retirement income plans well in-advance of their actual retirement date. So, your Social Security income needs to be part of that plan and discussion long before applying.

When do I actually apply for my Social Security?

We recommend about three months before retirement and/or you want the benefits to begin. If you apply late the government is typically good about back-paying your benefit. But again, if your Social Security is being strategized alongside a retirement planner, there should be no reason you are late in applying.

Where do I apply for Social Security?

You have three options. You can go to your local Social Security office. For people in west-central and southwest Minnesota, the two closest offices are in Marshall and St. Cloud. You can also call the Social Security office or go online to apply.

However, with any of these three options you will NOT get help strategizing your Social Security into your retirement income plan. The main goal of these three options to help you apply for your benefits.

Need help applying for Social Security? We can assist!

We can help you not only apply for Social Security, but can help strategize your Social Security benefit as part of your total retirement income plan. Instead of spending an afternoon driving to a Social Security office, we can help you apply in our office - saving you the trip, but also giving you the confidence and assurance of a retirement professional.

Give us a call at 320.222.4236 to schedule your no-cost Social Security application meeting.

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