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Retirement vs. Repurposed: Knowing the Difference, Part 1

Retirement vs. Repurposed: Knowing the Difference, Part 1

October 15, 2019

The actual definition of retirement isn't flattering. Once you differentiate between retirement and Repurposed, chances are you won't have any desire to merely retire. Here's a breakdown of these these two concepts.

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re·tire·ment | ri-ˈtī(-ə)r-mənt: to withdraw from service, to have no more use or meaning

Is this how you want to be described once you retire? Even the root word of retirement is "tire" which means "to feel in need of rest or sleep." Retirement should not be just a time to slow down and grow old. At the heart of Repurposed, this is exactly the type of life we're trying to avoid.


re·pur·posed | rē-pə-pəsd: to give new use or meaning to

This is a much better representation on the way to view your retirement. Remember, retirement shouldn't be considered merely as an end, but rather a brand new beginning. Repurposed is when you don't just retire FROM something, but retire TO a life of greater purpose, impact and meaning.

Here's a further breakdown of someone who is retired compared to someone that is Repurposed.

Withdrawn vs. Engaged

One of the biggest dangers of retirement is when a person slowly withdraws and becomes isolated from the people and activities around them. A Repurposed person is not only engaged, but they are actively seeking opportunities to connect with their family and community.

Maintaining vs. Growing

Often times people view retirement as a season to just stay the same. However, maintaining rarely happens; we are either going up or down, so to speak. Famous motivational speaker, John Maxell, says, "If you're not growing, you're dying." A Repurposed person is looking for ways to grow and get better in several areas of life.

Passing Time vs. Purposeful

Retirement can sadly look like "just existing." It's when someone is merely looking for things to fill time and there's no real sense of daily accomplishment. A Repurposed person is intentional about living with purpose everyday. They are asking themselves, "How am I going to impact or contribute to someone today?"

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