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Retirement Income Don'ts: Do-It-Yourself Approach

Retirement Income Don'ts: Do-It-Yourself Approach

September 03, 2019

Many times we hear people say "why would I hire a retirement planner when I can do it myself?" Retirement is a big deal and you only get one shot at it. Here are three reasons you shouldn't have a DIY approach to retirement.

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You're a "retirement rookie"

Whether it's baking a cake, fishing, or installing kitchen tile - the first time you try something, chances are you're not very good at it. In theory, everyone that's retiring is a "retirement rookie". On the other hand, this isn't our first time. We've helped thousands of people over the last 15 years build and execute retirement plans using the latest technologies and techniques while adapting to the ever-changing market conditions.

You'll have no coaching staff

People tend to make bad decisions when emotions are involved regarding market cycles and volatility. As an advisor, we help you remove the emotion and look at the facts to make the best financial decisions. Also, we help people deal with money, especially when it comes to spending in retirement. Many of our clients have done such a good job of saving over the years, it's tough for them to spend in retirement. With the retirement plans we build, they can see their whole financial picture giving them more freedom to spend, live and give.

Retirement is more than just investments

Not only do many of the business relationships we form with clients turn into lifelong friendships, we offer much more than just investing services. We call them the 8 Wealth Management Issues which range from legacy and estate planning to education planning for children and grandchildren.

If you are taking the DIY approach to retirement, we would be honored to show you the value we can bring to your retirement plan.

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