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Retire Repurposed: "The Showroom Effect"

Retire Repurposed: "The Showroom Effect"

October 08, 2019

Retirement can be like a shiny new car in a showroom. It's something we want and save for many years. But, when we actually get it, it doesn't bring us the fulfillment we thought it would. Here are some concepts to understand so you can avoid "The Showroom Effect" with your retirement.

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Don’t buy what society is selling

Society will tell you retirement is a permanent vacation. If you look at any retirement brochure, you'll see retired couples in boats and RVs with smiles on their faces. If you're not careful you'll begin to believe retirement is all about you - your travel, your leisure, your comfort - and that's where the danger lies. In a Repurposed retirement, there is certainly margin for travel and time with family, but it cannot solely be all about you.

Understand retirement can’t fulfill you

Retirement can be a phenomenal season, but it can't be the is-all end-all thing in your life. Occasionally we come across "white-knuckle retirees" who are still working, but, literally counting down the days/hours/seconds until they retire. They can't wait to stop working. They are putting retirement on such a pedestal there's almost too much expectation of fulfillment. Now, understand you can certainly find fulfillment in retirement, but retirement in itself can't fulfill you. If you're unhappy and unfulfilled before retirement, there's a chance that won't change just because you retire. 

Balance is the key

Retirement should be marked by two things: fulfillment and well-deserved rest. It needs to include both. Remember, retirement isn't just about you. You must continue to be others-focused which is the main way to find fulfillment in life. You also need to rest - but, it has to be earned rest - the rest and leisure you get after you have served others or spent time pouring your life into your kids and grand-kids.

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