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Retire Repurposed: The Positive Aspects of Work

Retire Repurposed: The Positive Aspects of Work

November 05, 2019

A major step in living a Repurposed retirement is reflecting on the way we think about work. It may sound backwards, but it’s extremely beneficial to understand how work has positively impacted your life and realize the benefits of work before we even start thinking about retirement.

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Your best day was likely NOT payday

What was one of your very best days at work? We have asked this question of thousands of retirees and we have never received the answer, “PAYDAY!” The reason is that work is more than just getting paid. Work is about creating, thinking, problem solving, adding value, and having impact on those around us.

Work helped develop your skills and talents

Whether you are raising children, growing companies, or working long hours with co-workers, your jobs have given you countless opportunities to use your God-given talent and grow your skill-sets through adding value to others. By living a Repurposed retirement, we hope you find and have more of those days where you feel energized by using the those assets.

Work gave you practice adding value in retirement

We were created to work, to enjoy seeing the fruit of our labor, and to take pride in it. In retirement, you may be leaving your career and your gainful employment, but you have to be mindful of keeping activities in your life that add value and have a positive impact on those around you.

At Taatjes Financial Group we take pride that we not only help clients plan financially for retirement, but coach and guide them into a retirement of purpose and fulfillment.

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