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Retire Repurposed: Self-Focused vs. Servant Heart

Retire Repurposed: Self-Focused vs. Servant Heart

October 28, 2019

This is the most significant difference between someone that is retired versus someone that is Repurposed. Don't retire only to focus on your activities, your hobbies and your life. Rather, see others as opportunities to serve and look for ways to meet their needs. Here are three considerations to understand this key concept regarding a Repurposed retirement.

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If you're not careful, retirement CAN be selfish

Disclaimer: if you are retired or wish to retire someday, it doesn't mean you are selfish. Retiring with the wrong mindset can be selfish - there's a major difference. Remember, don't buy the facade society portrays that retirement is nothing more than a permanent vacation to make all about you.

Serving is the antidote to being self-focused

People that are Repurposed find ways to plug-in and serve. Our jobs and careers do/did a great job of giving us opportunities to contribute to others. So, retirees need to be diligent in finding ways everyday to serve or fulfill a need for someone else.

Selfishness and significance cannot co-exist

These two are like oil and water. We often talk about legacy - the people impact as a result of your life. Significance comes as a result of living for and contributing to others. It's impossible to live with purpose and impact while being solely focused on yourself. 

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