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Retire Repurposed: Reflecting on Experiences

Retire Repurposed: Reflecting on Experiences

December 20, 2019

Time and experience, in and of themselves, does not teach you anything unless you stop and reflect on them. Reflection is how you can turn those experiences into real change. As a retiree, your age is an advantage because you have several decades of life to look back upon and reflect on the good and the bad experiences to create a Repurposed retirement.

(AUDIO} Retire Repurposed: Reflecting on Experiences

Here are three questions to consider as you reflect upon past experiences:

  • In your career or outside of work, what was something that energized you while doing?
  • What were parts of your job or career you didn't like and drained you?
  • What service or volunteer work are you mos proud of?

At Taatjes Financial Group we take pride that we not only help clients plan financially for retirement, but coach and guide them into a retirement of purpose and fulfillment.

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