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Medicare Open Enrollment Ends December 7

December 01, 2023

Medicare Open Enrollment is coming to a close, so if you are considering making a change to your plan, it's time to take action.

Changes you make during 2023 open enrollment go into effect on January 1, 2024.

Here are a few factors that can cause people to consider a change:

Prescription drug coverage: Are you happy with your medication coverage and costs, or would you like to see if another drug plan might help manage overall costs?

Healthcare needs: Do you anticipate any surgeries in 2024? Do you anticipate any changes with doctor appointments?

Travel plans: Medicare typically doesn't cover services overseas, so if you are preparing for a trip, you might want to look into a supplemental plan.

At our office, we have some resources that can help you do some initial planning. If you want more information, we can show you how to access additional material, including professionals who specialize in helping people make Medicare decisions. But the clock is ticking for 2023, so don’t delay.