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How to JUMP-START Your 2021

How to JUMP-START Your 2021

January 28, 2021

I love to teach and preach financial wellness. Every year we host a free, local event called JUMP-START | IGNITE YOUR DEBT-FREE JOURNEY to help families begin this trek of being debt-free and saving. There are three major sections covered in JUMP-START and crucial for you in 2021.

The Connection

Before we talk about being debt-free, there has to be a connection between life and money. No amount of information will change someone’s behavior until it connects with the heart. I always ask the audience, “What do you want?” This isn’t a superficial question, but rather a question used to get to the core of what makes a person tick.

The Framework

Once, a connection is made between life and money, it’s time to incorporate a plan. Chris Hogan, one of Dave Ramsey’s personalities says, “The biggest reason people fail with money is because they don’t have a plan.” This is true. The plan I teach is the Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Steps. The heart of Baby Steps to get hyper-focused on doing one thing at a time instead of trying to tackle every money problem at once.

The Budget

If you’re like me, I don’t even like this word. However, a plan is useless unless you have a way to execute it – and a budget is this method. The budget is merely telling your money where to go before you get it, then methodically controlling the ebb and flow of your money during the month. Getting out of debt, saving and regaining control of your finances will be nearly impossible without these concepts at play.

Need the replay of JUMP-START Virtual?

On January 21st, 2021 we took JUMP-START online as a free livestream. Over 150 people had a chance to JUMP-START their 2021 from the comfort of their homes and offices. Not only do I cover these three concepts in detail, but attendees received an interactive JUMP-START Workbook, free downloads and links to other resources and budgeting tools.

Want to get the replay? Email me at