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Finding Your Repurpose: Getting Started

Finding Your Repurpose: Getting Started

December 02, 2019

Starting your journey to being Repurposed in retirement begins with understanding the two different paths you can take. Here is a breakdown of those avenues along with the overarching objective to this journey.

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You can be something completely different

In our office we have a very unique skateboard. It's made of used bourbon barrel staves. Bourbon must be stilled in new, charred oak barrels. Once those barrels are used, they cannot make bourbon again. In the case of our skateboard, that bourbon barrel turned into something completely different. However, much like a Repurposed retiree, the skateboard still has purpose and adds value.

You can be a slight variation of your working self

Even though bourbon barrels can only still bourbon one time, the barrels can be used to still other liquors. Many Repurposed retirees follow this path maintaining purpose by doing the the same work in a slightly different capacity. For example, retired teachers may continue to teach, but instead only substitute teach, teach Sunday school class or do missions trips where he/she teaches others.

Last one, best one

No matter which path to becoming Repurposed you take, remember, "Last one, best one." This quote is oftentimes used in track-and-field to encourage participants to make the last attempt the best one. The same goes for retirement. The decades you've spent building a family and a career has prepared you to make retirement not the last season of life, but, rather the best one. At Taatjes Financial Group we take pride that we not only help clients plan financially for retirement, but coach and guide them into a retirement of purpose and fulfillment.

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