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3 Common Social Security Questions

3 Common Social Security Questions

February 04, 2019

The Social Security system is complicated. And as an NSSA (National Social Security Advisor certificate) holder, I get lots of questions from people regarding Social Security benefits. Here are three of the main questions I've seen with our clients:

1) Will Social Security be there when I retire?

  • Will it run out?
  • What happens if the FRA (full retirement age) increases?
  • Will the government take away Social Security benefits for high-income earners?

2) How are my benefits taxed?

  • How are taxes affected if I take Social Security before FRA?
  • How will I be taxed if I'm a high-income earner?

3) Spousal benefits? 

  • What are the Social Security benefits for a spouse that didn't work outside the home?
  • What if I'm widowed?
  • What if I'm divorced?

Jerrid Sebesta and I sat down and had a spirited conversation about many of these questions.

{AUDIO} Take a listen: 3 Common Social Security Questions

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