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Two ways we serve businesses:

1) Financial Wellness Training

The problem:

Over 70% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. Over half have little to no retirement savings and could not cover a $1000 emergency. The financial wellness of your team affects your company.

The Solution:

Jerrid Sebesta offers powerful presentations designed to help alleviate financial problems with employees as well as preserve their future financial health.

Keynote and general sessions:

In his presentation, Jerrid asks three questions. These questions are designed to challenge audiences to take an introspective look at their own life, money, career and purpose. Yes, this talk touches on finances, but it is not a speech about the stock market, compound interest or mutual funds. Instead, Jerrid gives a fun, motivating and inspiring talk based on his own personal journey. Main talking points include:

  • Defining your own idea of success
  • Connecting your job with your personal mission
  • 5 keys for positioning yourself to live with freedom

Financial Workshops

Your employees know they should save, pay-off debt and budget. But, they don't know where to start or can't ever seem to get ahead. This workshop teaches them to create an executable plan, which can immediately be implemented in their household. Main teaching points include:

  • Budgeting: A budget is the foundation of a healthy financial life. Jerrid walks your employees through the step-by-step process of making and executing a monthly budget.
  • Debt Elimination: Becoming debt-free and eliminating monthly payments gives your people power to give and save.
  • Emergency Savings: Having money on-hand to cover unexpected emergencies prevents “crisis-mode” for your employees at work and at home.
  • Retirement Savings: Most people wait too long to save for retirement, if they are saving at all. Our goal is to position your people to take full advantage of 401(k) plans or other employee-sponsored retirement plans.

Clients include:

David Chapin

David Chapin

President of Willmar Electric Service

"Jerrid had a huge impact on our employees. The concepts he demonstrated to our staff stretched far beyond just money. Being financially free both at home and at work is what we believe in here at WES. These are the keys to a healthy workforce.


Need financial wellness training at your company?

2) Corporate Retirement Planning

Our view of employer retirement plans focuses on both the owner and the employee.

For the owner, we take a detailed look at your specific goals and will recommend the plan that fits your unique situation.

From a farmer looking to defer as much income as possible through solo 401(K), SEP, or defined benefit strategies, to a mid-size company with a SIMPLE IRA, or a large employer with a traditional 401(k), we have you covered. We also can provide a fiduciary review to help you see any possible problems on the horizon.

From your employee’s perspective, we understand that for many wage earners, their 401(k) will be their largest asset and their best chance for becoming retirement ready. Educating your workforce to understand how your plan works creates more participation and better overall results.

Questions regarding your current retirement plan?