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Meteorology to finances?

It's all about the mission

Inspiring "True Wealth" - that's our mission at Taatjes Financial. My personal mission to have people "livin' the dream", which is having the ability to chase after the things most important to them. In essense, both are the same. 

My main duty at Taatjes Financial Group is to inspire people to not only identify "True Wealth" in their own lives, but also teach them how to live it out.

I'm a Dave Ramsey protege

My wife and I were introduced to author Dave Ramsey right after we married in 2007. Dave inspired us to pay off debt, save, give and "live like no one else".

And we did! 

Being debt-free, saving and living on less than we make completely transformed our family. It's allowed us to be "livin' the dream"!  The ability to walk away from my career in TV in order to follow a calling is a testimony to the power of Dave Ramsey's principles.

Here's what I know about finances

If you want the power to live with "True Wealth", you need to follow simple principles regarding money: being debt-free, saving, budgeting, living on less than you make, and giving.